Livelihood Program

Livelihood Support for People with Disability

Despite the implementation of The Persons with Disability Act, 1995 (revised in 2016), people with disability (PwDs) struggle to get jobs. Presently, there are many skilled and semi-skilled jobs across industries that can be performed by PwDs. But there is a lack of awareness and sensitivity among recruiters, poor job-readiness of the PwDs themselves along with lack of awareness and training in required skills.
APD works to mobilize marginalized youth with disability, train them through formal and informal courses, and place them in jobs that are suitable to their qualification and ability. We also sensitize employers towards the needs of PwDs for an equitable work environment.
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Community mobilization to identify and assess PwDs for livelihood training at APD

Program Objective

Assist PwDs for gainful and sustainable employment in the mainstream workforce. Particularly focus on PwDs who drop out of the formal education system and are therefore excluded from Government and Non-governmental organization’s programs. APD is committed to achieve and exceed 40% women participation in the program.

APD’s Approach

APD’s Livelihood Program includes community mobilization, training and placement. 


APD identifies working age PwDs in rural and urban groups through public records, community programs, career guidance workshops and collaboration with other developmental organizations, educational institutions and government agencies.

Using a rigorous process of assessment, follow up, sensitization and awareness building, the youth are guided through academic or vocational training paths within APD or at other mainstream institutes.

Foundation course for PwDs to build confidence and life skills | APD India


Training is conducted based on the recommendations of the Placement team along with regular ongoing courses.

Foundation Course

Before any domain training PwDs lacking life-skills go through a 2-month foundation course, a unique job-readiness program from APD. The course involves skilling up on self-management, daily living, basic communication, calligraphy and English language, basic mathematics, sign language, and more.

The required PwDs receive therapy support as well as aids & appliances. All candidates can access government entitlement schemes such as pension, disability ID cards, transport passes and more.

Private Sector, Employer Led Training (ELT) at APD India

Employer Led Training (ELT)

As part of this program, APD identifies candidates (through the recruitment unit) and provides them job-appropriate training for placement in the government or private sector. The curriculum is jointly developed with training partners, tailor-made to the needs of selected employers.

The training period includes capacity building of the potential employers on a rights-based approach to recruitment, induction and mentoring, to promote a work culture that values diversity.

  • BPO ELT: Intensive 8-weeks on-the-job training (OJT) and practical sessions to enhance the candidates’ communication, computer, customer service and life skills.
  • Hospitality ELT: Intensive 8-weeks training for the hospitality industry, conducted in collaboration with training centres or academic institutions such as the Presidency College of Hotel Management and YUM Academy.
  • Retail ELT: Intensive 8-weeks training to equip trainees on communication, customer interaction, labelling and selling.


Horticulture Training at the Jeevan Bhima Nagar Center, APD India

Horticulture Training

The Horticulture Training creates livelihood opportunities for PwDs in sustainable agriculture and horticulture – in nurseries, community, landscaping, floriculture, tissue culture and horticulture industry. Trainees also learn communication and cooking. In addition, APD also offers:

  • Garden Specialist Training: These are 4-month courses on plants and seeds, watering, potting, compost, manure and other specialized skills.
  • Garden Supervisor Training: A 4-months course on money management, customer interaction, computers, gardening and organic products.
  • Sustainable Agriculture Livelihood Training: The course educates PwDs on sustainable agricultural practices that also lead to overall development of family and communities.
Electronics and Mechanic Training, API India

Non-formal Courses

APD also offers non-formal fitter and electronics and mechanic training for those PwDs who do not qualify for formal training from other institutes. These are 6-months courses.

Career Guidance and Placement (CGP) at APD India


APD’s CGP cell caters to all the training units under Livelihood. It works with over 120 prospective employers across Karnataka to nurture and expand employment opportunities for PwDs. Placement is promoted through community job fairs, employer orientation, industrial orientation, field visits and pre-employment training.