Illuminating the path to a brighter future for Lakshitha

Inclusive education ensures she can go to school, study, and make new friends comfortably with a hearing disability.


Creating an inclusive educational environment in schools by sensitising academic stakeholders on the needs of children with disabilities and equipping these children to study in mainstream schools.


Children with disabilities have benefitted from our Inclusive Education Program so far, with many more to go!

Our Approach

Our Inclusive Education program follows a three-pronged approach:

Pioneering Inclusivity with the Shradhanjali Integrated School

Established in 1973, Shradhanjali Integrated School (SIS) is a primary school on the APD campus in Bangalore, with 300+ Children up to Class VIII. Accredited by the SSLC Board, our inclusive school maintains an 80:20 ratio of children with impairments and non-disabled students.

SIS builds on our goals for holistic development, with a focus on sports, arts, crafts, and activity-based learning. Customised with technology-based tools, every classroom has a smart board powered by Tata Edge, along with audio-visual equipment for better learning.

The school also provides amenities like midday meals, books, uniforms, healthcare, rehabilitation, transportation, and adaptive learning methodologies to students from low-income households to enhance their academic input.

With the help of these strategies, we have successfully mainstreamed 90% of the students, with the majority of them transferring to mainstream schools.


Model Schools for Inclusive Education

Since 2012, we have been collaborating with the Education Department, the parent community, and school management committees, to create model schools across South India. Currently, we have 35 Model Schools in the Karnataka districts of Bangalore, Vijayapura, and Davangere, educating over 400 children. Through our Resource Support to Organisations (RSO) Partnerships, we are creating more model schools to assist more children with disabilities, having reached over 1500 students so far.

Providing special Speech & Hearing assistance to children

We guide and instruct children with hearing disability via sign language and audio-visual technologies. The courses include core subjects like Maths and Science, and additional weekly support is provided on building their communication skills.

Providing special assistance to children with Cerebral Palsy

We ensure children with Cerebral Palsy attend normal classrooms while receiving an additional 8 to 10 hours of support each week. We assist them with speech, communication, professional, and functional abilities as well.

How much impact will you create today?


Cover all school books
needed to enlighten a
child with disability


Ensure a meal for
over 300 children
with disability


Grant a child with
disability one full year
of education


Provide the miracle of
mobility to 2 students
with disabilities

“Being a 15 year old that’s completely reliant on others to sit or stand is challenging, but it never deterred Dilip. After his successful rehabilitation with APD, he walks with the help of an assistive device customised for his condition and we could not have been more proud to see him pursue his studies!”

– Dilip’s mother on his experience at
the Shradhanjali Integrated School