Guiding Lakshmana on regaining control of his mind and body

Our program empowers people with mental illnesses through medical and counselling support.


Eradicating the stigma around mental illness and providing therapeutic, medical, and financial support to people with mental illnesses.


Beneficiaries supported by our mental health program so far, with many more to go!

Our Approach

We believe that awareness plays a critical role in supporting People with Mental Illnesses (PWMIs) through our Community Mental Health program.

We achieve this through:

  • Mental Health Training
  • Mental Health-themed Wall Art
  • Street Exhibitions
  • Stress & Stress Management Training
  • Televised awareness program

School & College Awareness Program

We conduct stress management training in schools to support students suffering from the stress of examinations, peer competition, and managing the expectations of their parents. Our sessions are conducted by experts and trained personnel from the field. We also sensitise teachers on the importance of encouraging students to voice their concerns.

Residential Training Program

We conduct a 4-day residential training program for PWMIs and their caregivers. The training involves many informative and engaging activities to help participants better understand the challenges of living with disability and the means to overcome them.

How much impact will you create today?


Supply the medicines
needed by a person
with mental illness


Provide seed money for 2
people with mental illness to
find employment


Ensure a year of counselling
and therapy for a person with mental illness

“I feel more confident about coping with my exams as the training program helped me understand how to deal with my stress. Thanks to APD, I am more confident and feel ready to tackles life’s challenges without panicking.”

A student attendee of our
Stress Management Training