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Why Disability?

People with disabilities (PWDs) make up the largest global minority, dealing not only with the difficulties posed by their disabilities but also confronting the intersectional and unequal effects of broader societal issues. In addition to PWDs, these issues impede the lives of the elderly and others with mobility challenges.

91 out of
100 PWDs

do not have steady

8 out of
10 PWDs

have not attended school for
higher secondary education

46% of the

(60+ years) have physical or
mental disabilities

Our Approach

At APD, our Programs are designed to address the needs of a person with disabilities at every stage of their life.

Our programs take a Life Cycle Approach to build sustainable ecosystems for those with disabilities to thrive.

Every Person With Disabililty
has the #RightToBeSeen

Considering the needs of People With Disability, we require specialised infrastructure in our public spaces. The lack of this infrastructure not only restricts those with disabilities from enjoying the same access to academic, professional and personal amenities as others but also prevents us from realising the scale of disability around us and the number of individuals impacted by it.

Our ‘Right To Be Seen’ initiative challenges this phenomenon by creating a more inclusive, equitable, and barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. Through increased awareness and proactive measures, the initiative will encourage the participation of those with disabilities in society, allowing them to lead a life of independence, agency, and dignity, just like anyone else.
Early Intervention
Inclusive Education
Spinal Cord Injury
Assistive and Adaptive Technology
Physical and
Social Rehabilitation
Community Mental
Institute of Disability
Rehabilitation & Research
(Policy & Advocacy)
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