The Association of People with Disability is a non-governmental organisation devoted to empowering people with disabilities to live full, productive lives.

Since its founding in 1959, we have worked tirelessly to make it possible for people with disabilities (PWDs) to fully participate in all aspects of society, including but not limited to interventions in healthcare, education, employment, and advocacy.

From our headquarters in Bangalore, we administer programmes across urban and rural South India, serving people of all ages who suffer from a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities.

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Our Vision

A world where equity, dignity and justice are assured for people with disability.

Our Mission

Nurture an inclusive ecosystem and empower people with disabilities by ensuring access to comprehensive rehabilitation services, rights, entitlements, equal opportunities and dignity through a life cycle approach.

Nothing about us, without us.

We believe that every policy, intervention, or action about PWDs should be taken with their participation in that decision. Our work as a facilitator, integrator, and catalyst of change, aims to increase the social, political and economic influence of people with disabilities in society.

Disabled people are more than just beneficiaries; they are fully capable members of society who want the opportunity to realise their full potential.

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Our Values

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To act honestly, ethically, and responsibly in all aspects, adhering to principles of fairness, reliability, loyalty, and lawfulness.

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To be sensitive to feelings, thoughts, emotions, and experiences by developing the capacity to understand another’s perspective, appreciate it, and respond with care.

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To demonstrate responsibility, transparency, and commitment to the highest standards of openness, professionalism, and integrity with all stakeholders.

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To ensure participatory processes, knowledge sharing, teamwork, and consensus building for meaningful partnerships with varied stakeholders.

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To work towards excellence in process, product, and service delivery by listening, committing to continuous improvement and innovation, and developing a conducive environment for individuals to realise their potential.

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To nurture an internal ecosystem where people of diverse genders, cultures, abilities, views, and needs are respected and given equal opportunities at work.

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Founder and Founding story

Our story began when N S Hema, a 17-year-old girl affected by polio, travelled to Mumbai seeking medical intervention and discovered the Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped. The rehabilitation centre, founded by Fatima Ismail, supported many people with disability, helping them find their independence and inspiring N S Hema to do the same.

On returning to Bangalore, her father connected with N D Diwan, an ex-serviceman, and Rev I L Thomas, Principal of Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore, both of whom were wheelchair users. Together, they discussed the need for such a rehabilitation and therapy centre in Bangalore. Thus, in 1959, the Association of People with Disability was born.

Trustees and Governing Body

Mr Subir Hari Singh

Honorary President
& Trustee

Ms Amritha Ward

Honorary Vice President
& Trustee

Mr Jacob Kurian

Honorary Secretary
& Trustee

Mr S D Gopalakrishnan

Honorary Treasurer
& Trustee

Ms Arati Hegde


Mr P K Gopalakrishnan


Mr P Pradeep Kumar


Ms Sanjana Govindan


Mr S Gopalan


Dr Deepthi Shanbhag


Ms Jayanthi Yeshwanth


Management Team

Dr N S Senthil Kumar


Mr K P Sunil Kumar

Director – Fundraising & Communications

Mr S Babu Khan

Deputy Director – Policy & Advocacy and Govt Interface

Mr Janardhan A L

Director – Community Mental Health Program & Life Cycle Approach

Mr Ganesh Hegde

Director – Environment & Horticulture

Mr Ramesh Dundappa

Director – Life Cycle Approach Projects & Divisional Head

Mr Mallikarjunaiah

Director – Inclusive Education & Academics

Dr Nishad Kassim

Director – Health & Rehab

Mr Mahesh K

Director – Livelihood

Mr Sreenivas Nattay

Director – Admin & Finance

Mr Christopher James

Director – Human Resources

Mr Jayaprakash Jogi

Deputy Director – Community Mental Health

Mr Daniel James

Asst. Director / Head – Fundraising & Communications

Ms Vijayalakshmi

Head – Yes To Access

Ms Pannaga B

Principal – Shradhanjali Integrated Primary School

Mr Ravi B J

Head – Administration

Ms Javeriya Banu

Sr. Manager – MEAL & Strategic Partnerships 

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