Creating the opportunity for Sudha to stand tall and proud with her disability.

She creates assistive devices and custom mobility aids, tailor-made to support herself or the specific needs of others with disability.


Making sure affordable assistive devices and mobility aids are easily manufactured and made accessible to people with disabilities in rural India.



Devices have supported People with Disabilities so far, with many more to go!

Our Approach

We hold camps across communities to find PWDs in need of mobility assistance.

Through these camps, our qualified staff members visit PWDs and assess their specific needs before manufacturing the required assistive devices.

Prosthetics & Orthotics Centre

We manufacture Orthotics (callipers, crutches, splints, AFOs) and prostheses (artificial limbs). We also provide end-to-end support for the production, adaption, and distribution of custom-made devices for people with disabilities (PWDs).

Workshops on Manufacturing Assistive Devices

We conduct workshops for the manufacturing of rollators, walkers, standing tables, home railings, and toilet adaptations to make public spaces more inclusive. Our team also makes petra bikes and retrofit bikes in a limited capacity.

Accessibility Audits & Consultation

Our dedicated Accessibility team visits and audits public spaces to make them more accessible with infrastructure such as ramps, railings, accessible restrooms, and more.

Importing Special All-Terrain Wheelchairs

We import need-based wheelchairs from Motivation, UK, which are designed specifically for use on uneven terrain, slopes of any degree, and surfaces of all types. These wheelchairs can be operated by the majority of PWDs and can also be dismantled for ease of transport.

3D Printing Mobility Aids & Support Devices

In collaboration with Google and Motivation UK, we provide personalised, 3D Printed postural supports for children with scoliosis or other spinal cord complications. Similarly, we are looking to manufacture additional support devices of value to PWDs.

How much impact will you create today?


Cover the cost of
medicines for a person
with disability


Provide food and
accommodation for a month
to a person with disability


Enhance the life of a person
with disability with a
customised special wheelchair


Ensure Livelihood training
and a seed fund for up to
4 people with disability

“I may be disabled but I am also perfect, just like everyone else. Growing up, my family and friends always supported my dreams of living a regular life. Thanks to APD, I learned how to make my own callipers as well as assistive devices for other people with disabilities like me.”

– Maheshwari, veteran technician in the
Assistive and Adaptive Technology department