Empowering Devikala and others to build a better world for us all.

Our collaborations aim to influence policy and legislation that supports the inclusion of PWDs in society.


Developing leadership and self-advocacy skills among people with disabilities and influencing legislation and policy to support their inclusion in society.


Beneficiaries reached through
our policy and advocacy work so far,
with many more to go!

Our Approach

Our policy and advocacy team works in collaboration with district authorities to encourage PWDs who engage with their extended social networks and communities to develop leadership and self-advocacy skills.

We also work towards building a positive perception of disability, particularly in rural areas. This is done by raising general awareness of disability rights and legal benefits including housing, transportation discounts, mobility aid, and education.

We also provide strategic guidance to creative groups, federations, and grassroots level organisations to spur social change.

Urban Advocacy in Bengaluru and municipalities of Kolar, Bagalkot, Chikkaballapur, and Bidar

  • We help PWDs in obtaining legal benefits that are due to them in the areas of housing, transportation discounts, mobility aid, and education.
  • We sensitise the BBMP, municipal commissioners, and other government officials, helping them be more aware of issues related to disabilities by consistently disseminating information.
  • We facilitate the delivery of disability rights through joint demonstrations, media involvement, and representation for PWDs.
  • We promote the Disability Act’s compliance with administrative and policy-making bodies.

Government Interface

We work to create internal APD systems for obtaining government grants towards program sustainability and expansion. As a way to facilitate access to government funding, we also share the knowledge with our RSO partners and other NGOs. Through this process, APD has established trust and a working relationship with the government as we aim for policy change.

APD closely interfaces and networks with the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment under which the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability and Senior Citizens, Ministry of Health and Family, Ministry of Primary and Higher (Public Instruction) Education, Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, and many more.

Disability Law Unit (South)

The Disability Law Unit (South) was established by APD in June 2020, in collaboration with the National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP). The organisation facilitates and directs PWDs in gaining access to government services and legal representation in the event that their rights are violated in accordance with the terms of the 2016 RPwD Act.

We are members of the National Disability Network, the Commonwealth Disability Forum, and the UNCRPD coalition.