Enhancing the technical and operational capacity of local organisations to implement our programs and benefit people with disabilities in the most remote corners of India.


Beneficiaries supported by 50 strategic partnerships so far, with many more to go!

Our Approach

At APD, we believe that partnerships are a force multiplier.

Since our inception, APD has supported the formation and growth of several NGOs. Our programs have been designed to combine the intellectual rigour, processes and standards of APD with the local knowledge and reach of a partner NGO. We provide complete programmatic and full or partial financial support to our partner NGOs. Currently, APD is partnering with over 50 NGOs across four states.

Technical Support

If you are an NGO that wishes to develop capability in any of our program areas, APD can provide one-time or continuing technical support, in the form of standard operating procedures, training materials, recruitment assistance, audit protocols, and capacity-building for management.

This service has a nominal fee to cover costs but provides no ongoing financial support.

Consultancy Services
Organisations may also seek APD’s support for designing programs, training staff and leadership, or any other form of capacity-building. Our experienced Monitoring & Evaluation department carries out extensive program audits and impact assessments for all APD programs. Their expertise is available to other NGOs or donors who wish to conduct a study or training for themselves or their clients.
These services will be provided via a contractual agreement and may have a fee component to reimburse costs.
For information on Strategic Partnerships, please write to