Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships for Resource Support

APD recognizes that the challenge of rehabilitating millions of people with disabilities (PwDs), across the country, is too large for any one organization. The best approach is to empower individuals, institutions, Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) and NGOs in rural and urban communities to render the required services.

That’s how APD began its Strategic Partnership program in 2008.

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RSO team sharing knowledge with a partner NGO

Program Objective

Build the technical and operational capacity of local organizations so they may implement the APD programs to benefit PwDs from the remotest corners of the country.

APD’s Approach

All the programs of APD are implemented through the Strategic Partnerships model – Early Intervention, Inclusive Education, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Rehabilitation, Livelihood Training, Advocacy, Mobility Aids & Appliances.

The programs are run by the local organizations that are deeply involved with the community. This engenders community ownership of the programs, leading to greater participation and higher success rates.

APD equips partner organizations through need-based training, disability orientation and internal management support. This is a long-term, mutually beneficial engagement that ensures needed services reach PwDs from the remotest, most deprived sections of society across the country.

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