Strategic Partners

Resource Support to Strategic Partners

Strategic partners allow The Association of People with Disability (APD) to enter new regions and reach out to people with disability (PwD) via existing relationships with local NGOs.

Whys should NGOs partner with APD?

APD provides the operational and technical assistance required for the NGOs to sustain their organization.

With the Strategic Partnership model, we help NGOs build technical capacity in these areas – EI, SCI, advocacy, etc., so they can implement programs in a better way. For operational efficiency, we assist with:

  • HR: Developing policies, manuals and processes.
  • Marketing: How to raise funds and resources from government and key players.
  • Finance: Review finance systems, provide training and/or recruit CAs.
  • Government interface: Build good rapport with government systems. Avail schemes. And provide training.
  • Networking and collaboration: Build rapport with other NGOs, local academic institutions and key players such as political leaders, banks and media.
  • External registrations: Register for alliances, support and collaboration. Raise a common voice for a larger impact.
  • Legal compliances: Access resources and build credibility.
  • IT & MIS: How to use Goonjan MIS for data management and reporting. Training on technology such as social media, etc.
  • Communication and documents: How to create an appeal letter, brochures, pamphlets, etc. Do resource mapping.

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