Volunteer at APD as Groups

Group volunteers from SERVE Ireland at APD India

Colleges, schools, institutes or just groups of like-minded people are welcome to volunteer at APD. The group is given an orientation of the APD premises. At this time, information is collected on the specific skills of individuals and the requirement at APD. Volunteers can involve themselves in activities accordingly.

Groups can participate in our programs and initiatives, leverage their special skills, work with our students and trainees, contribute to event organization, and more.

For example, students from Scotland came to APD as part of an exchange program. They were mostly involved at the Shradhanjali Integrated School (SIS), teaching children various subjects, taking presentations and teaching dance, etc. We also had volunteers from SERVE, Ireland.

PLEASE NOTE: APD does not provide volunteers with transportation, travel cost or meals unless pre-approved.

How to volunteer

Please get in touch with our team contact@apd-india.org