Corporate Volunteer Programs at APD India

Team of volunteers from Intel at APD India, helping with the ITI training

APD has worked shoulder to shoulder with several organizations over the years and has always found corporate partners to be of invaluable support.

Not just through financial collaboration, but by the injection of fresh perspective, governance, management techniques and enthusiastic volunteers, companies have leveraged their CSR programmes to help us realize our vision to empower persons with disability.

Team of corporate volunteers at the TCS 10K Marathon for APD India
  • Sponsor salaries of APD staff from our school, training centres, orthotics center or other programs.
  • Include APD middle level staff in your training programmes or workshops on Finance, Management, leadership development etc to help us improve the quality of our young leaders.
  • Mentor our middle level and senior managers and provide insights on governance and use of innovative technology.
  • Sponsor APD staff for management courses offered by recognized institutions.
  • Provide opportunities to your junior and middle level managers, to come and work with us for 2-3 months, on specific projects and help us achieve planned outcomes. This will not only rejuvenate and challenge your employees but also help us in much needed skill development.
  • Participate with us in large events such as the Bangalore or Mumbai Marathons, school sports day, etc.

If your organization is interested in developing an employee participatory process, is keen on helping us improve our systems and internal processes or would like to involve us in your Corporate Social Responsibility plans, please get in touch.

How to volunteer

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