Reporting to:
Sr. Manager -Administration
PUC/ Graduate
Min 2 Yrs
Other eligibility criteria

Other required skills for Warden

  • Smart and Physically Fit
  • Supportive Mind with Helping Hands
  • Have knowledge about safety and security
  • The habit of being Punctual and Sensitive
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Able to organize all key tasks
  • Work delegation ability
  • Should Have Detective Mind
  • Conflict Resolution Abilities
  • Should Have First Aid knowledge
  • Familiar with student’s life and activities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Physically trained to quick action
  • Kannada 

Min 2 Years of Exp. 24/7, Single preferred above 30yrs, Exp as Hostel Warden Supervisor or  facility management Exp.

Detailed Job Description
  1. The hostel warden must ensure all students are present in their rooms.
  2. Check all security measures and deputy assistant wardens to the respective blocks for duty. 
  3. Coordinate with kitchen staff to provide three-time foods i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner timely or check the kitchen staff and food availability.
  4. Coordinate with the first aid team and check all first aid medicines available to them.
  5. Be punctual at night time and monitor every moment with close attention.
  6. Provide rapid action at nighttime or when needed to care for students as well as hostel building.  
  7. Physically fit and punctual, the hostel warden should have security measures knowledge, reading, and understanding ability to take action of any incoming message or telephone calls.
  8. Be familiar with hostel rules and regulations and able to adhere to all set policies, mentally strong and should have analytical skills to determine the situation immediately, a longtime working capacity with a strong mind. 
  9. Be positive with students handle their issues with care, and be able to supervise assistant wardens in getting the best performance. 
  10. Check room cleaning situations, detective unwanted items, record all incoming and outgoing, prevention causalities.
  11. Playing arbitration roles among the students, daily check unused electricity and assist electrician repair and maintenance, check water availability in all rooms, and provide any type of assistance to the students when needed.
  12. A hostel warden has to coordinate with hostel management and look after incoming and outgoing guests.
  13. Attend comprehensive training courses about safety and security, hostel management training, problem-solving skills, improved punctuality, and adherence.
  14. Able to learn good communication skills, develop positive thinking abilities, increase professionalism attitude, develop quick learning habits, enhance detective thinking, and increase the situation's smart skills.