A woman who transformed herself and others

A woman who transformed herself and others

“The job and environment at APD encourage me, every day, to improve my talents and to serve children with disabilities. My earning and responsibilities have made me confident and independent; allowing me to resume my studies.”

At the tender age of 3 years, little Anusha had a bad fall from the terrace. Her spinal cord was severely injured. Despite treatment, she was laid up for years. With hard work and her parent’s support, Anusha completed SSLC and PUC; and received her Diploma in Education. She then applied for a teaching job at APD.

APD’s employee, late Mr. Lingappa, visited Anusha at her home to assess her condition. He advised her to undergo spinal cord injury rehabilitation at APD. Never having lived away from family, the decision took courage. When her father Mr. Chidananda visited APD, he was delighted to see many persons with disability managing their lives independently. He was encouraged to proceed with Anusha’s rehab.

And so, Anusha committed to the 3-month intensive rehab. It worked wonders.

Apart from making Anusha physically more able, she gained confidence, found a circle of supportive friends and mentors, and developed the skills to live independently. Counselling helped her process trauma and build mental resilience.

On 5 March 2018, Anusha joined APD’s inclusive Shradhanjali Integrated School as a trainee teacher. Her parents could not be prouder. Her mother, Ms. Asha, never imagined her daughter would get a job. Anusha’s fierce determination to succeed, and the progress she has made in her interest has won her the admiration and respect of her colleagues, friends, and family. “Anusha’s happiness is our happiness” says her mother.

Anusha has been living independently for 2 years. In that time, she has progressed from teaching Nursery students to Grade 1 and later all the grades from 1 to 7. Not a small task. She oversees bus duty at school and is also a house head teacher. She motivates children in the school to take up wheelchair tennis. In fact, during the Annual Day program, Anusha guided 20 students from all grades on to the stage for a wheelchair dance. The applause was explosive.

“I have gone through good days, and not so good days,” says Anusha. SIS school principal, Ms. Anita, states, “Anusha does not let her disability discourage her from taking on new responsibilities. Her life is a great example for our children.”


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