A Welcome Move and an Example for Many

A Welcome Move and an Example for Many

A Welcome Move and an Example for Many

Government takes charge

When governments put their weight behind a project by galvanizing their bureaucracy, by flexing their financial muscle, by organizing conferences and by charting out a definite course of action, more often than not, the program is bound to have a greater chance of success. For, they possess the resources to provide the necessary impetus required for the program to start rolling, sustain the momentum and run sustained campaigns to ensure the success of the project.

Our Track Record

This is not to suggest that the very participation of the government ensures success. The rate of success in government-backed schemes has been a mixed bag. However, the Green Revolution and White Revolution in India have managed to bring about great socio-economic changes in the society. The key takeaway from these successes is that mass movements require people’s active participation in to succeed. It is the single most critical challenge the government faces.

The Mission

Government of India’s ‘Accessible India’ initiative aims to make the country disabled-friendly. As a first step, over 100 buildings across 50 big cities of the country would be selected to provide specialised elevators, wheelchair ramps and other disabled-friendly facilities. This would be followed up by providing sign language training and equipment to people with hearing and speech problems. Specially-abled people would be given motorised tricycles and wheelchairs, skill training and access to easy loans to help set up own businesses.

Our Role

The disabled people can make meaningful contributions to the society in their own way. Enterprise and skills, they do not lack in, if given a little help and the right opportunities. Private initiatives by organizations like the APD have managed to bring some relief to this marginalized section of the society through their ‘Give Wings’ campaign. But it requires a sustained effort to change mindsets. The private initiatives need to be backed and encouraged by elected governments. When you consider the fact there are a good number of children who are either disabled themselves or have parents with special needs, the issue assumes urgency. They are our tomorrow. Let us give them a chance to, educate themselves. develop skills, and attain independence through easy mobility. Let this initiative set an example to bring in more disabled-friendly legislations, facilities and opportunities.

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