Small steps. And a heart of courage.

Small steps. And a heart of courage.

Anupriya, a shy four-and-a-half-year-old girl got enrolled at Shradhanjali Integrated School (SIS) in 2013. Suffering with cerebral palsy and quadriplegia, SIS staff used a range of teaching methods to support her learning and growth – audio books, digital classes, Playablo app for Math and English.

For the first time, Anupriya began to learn about self-care, eating habits, positive attitude and self-talk, exercise, and more. With regular physiotherapy, her balance, strength, and hand functions started showing improvement. Occupational therapy further helped her refine her motor skills.

Anupriya studying in her classroom with help from Anusha

Now in Grade 5, Anupriya reveals her curious and attentive side. She attempts to answer questions verbally, has a powerful memory, and never gives up. Her knowledge of subjects is good, and she looks forward to her day at school with her friends and teachers.

“Our main aim is to make Anupriya independent and able to earn her livelihood in the future,” says Principal Anita Roy.

Anupriya’s parents acknowledge the difference they see in their child after joining SIS. Mr. Senthil Kumar, Anupriya’s father is an auto driver. He could never afford a special school on his own. At SIS, his daughter receives education, therapy, and a safe environment. He says, “SIS is the best place for his daughter as she is happy amongst the staff and students”. Her mother says, “SIS is like a second home for Anupriya.”

Anupriya seating on her chair

Anupriya’s teacher, Anusha, herself a person with spinal cord injury, enjoys teaching Anupriya. “Anupriya, is a shy girl who answers with a smile on her face. Her active participation and interest in learning encourages me to work with her. Though she cannot write, her memory power is amazing - she answers the questions without missing a word and her understanding of subjects is good. She gels well with her friends and has a positive attitude. I love to assist and engage her with activities, dreaming of a bright future for her,” says Anusha.

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