Flight to freedom - "Crawling to Walking"

Walking with bilateral artificial lower limbs  | APD India

Mr Kumar (name changed), aged 47worked in a petrol pump as an attendee. His wife, also a person with disability (polio), and him lived quiet lives.

In an unfortunate road accident, Mr Kumar lost one of his lower limbs. Due to chronic diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and necrosis, his other leg also had to be surgically amputated.


Amputated legs before the bilateral limb fixing | APD India
Before the fitment of the artificial limbs


He could not continue his earlier job. He found some respite during the pandemic though, when he could take up a job to fill the air in vehicle tyres.

He eked out his living, crawling around the workplace. He had to make do with a meagre earning and some coins thrown at him.

Providence brought him to APD. His condition was studied and it was decided to equip Mr Kumar with customised bilateral artificial limbs.

Each limb cost ₹13,000, an amount Mr Kumar could never raise on his own.

After the fitting of the customised bilateral artificial limbs, Mr Kumar has got a new lease of life.

He could stand on his own legs and walk about freely. He is hopeful that he will get his old job back, allowing him to again lead a dignified and independent life.

APD's work continues

Mr Kumar is one of the many people with disability (PwD) in need of mobility aids and adaptive devices. There are 8 in 100 identified PwD who need aids and appliances to lead a life of independence and dignity.

Mr Kumar's life is transformed. But so many others are barely getting by. In the pandemic, things have got worse. Disability and poverty have hit the affected like a double whammy.

How you can help

A little help can make a world of difference. You can support APD as a volunteer or a donor

Only then will John A Symonds' beautiful verse come true.

"Nation with nation, land with land,

Unarmed shall live as comrades free;

In every heart and brain shall throb

The pulse of fraternity.

New art shall bloom of loftier mould

And mightier music thrills the skies,

And every life shall be a song,

When all the earth is a paradise."


Thus APD's legacy continues.

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