Bringing Investment in Assisted Technology

Bringing Investment in Assisted Technology

Bringing Investment in Assisted Technology

Technology - Boon or Bane?

Technology possesses the power to change the course of history of our planet. Humans have used technology for the benefit of all living things, but we are also guilty of using it for the extinction and annihilation of life around us. For instance, we can use nuclear energy to light up our lives or blow the lights out of our lives. Technology has always been a double-edged sword. Let us just say we have left the worst behind us and we have learnt from our past digressions.

The Power of Technology

Technology is definitely meant to be used as a tool of empowerment of the disadvantaged. In terms of what is possible, we have just scratched the surface.

“...Technology can solve our problems and then some. Solutions may not only erase physical or mental deficits but leave patients better off than 'able-bodied' folks. The person who has a disability today may have a superability tomorrow.” - Daniel H. Wilson, Best-Selling Author

Technology for Special Needs

Technology is an ever-evolving subject. What used to be the subject of sci-fi movies until a few decades ago, is now a reality. There is constant innovation in the field of technology with a better product replacing the older one in a matter of days. What is required is a concerted effort on the part of industry and governments to help promote innovation in medicine and assisted technology sectors. Apart from the moral and ethical aspects, there is a large market for the disable-friendly gadgets, services, training and equipments.

Statistics and Numbers

There are an estimated 650 million people, 10% of the world population who are disabled in some way. People with physical disabilities constitute the largest subgroup. India is home to a large number of disabled people owing to socio-economic conditions, lax road safety and general safety standards and an over-burdened healthcare system. The numbers are actually on the rise with road accidents accounting for a good part of the statistics.

Accessible India’ Campaign

A Government of India initiative, the ‘Accessible India’ campaign aims to provide wheelchair friendly buildings, sign language training, skill training and easy loans to help people with disabilities to lead an independent lifestyle. We have an excellent track-record of producing world-class solutions that has given a new lease of life to not only our own disabled citizens but also to those victims of landmine blasts in the war-torn sub-saharan Africa.

Investment and Cutting Edge Technology

Development of cutting-edge technology is expensive and a bigger challenge is developing that technology at an affordable cost. We have the scientific expertise and human resources to develop low-cost Assistance Technology tools. With increased awareness about disability in general public and the weight of government resources behind the campaign, the assisted technology solutions should witness a great deal of innovation. But the challenges are huge and government must strive to attract more investment by creating an investment-friendly environment for both domestic and foreign investors. Making the mission a part of corporate social responsibility with financial incentives and tax benefits is a also a good strategy.

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