Management Team

Christy Abraham, CEO, APD
Christy Abraham
Chief Executive Officer
Ravi Raghavan, Director, Marketing & Communication, APD
Ravi Raghavan
Director, Marketing & Communication
Dr. Senthil N.S. Kumar, Director, Technical, APD
Dr. Senthil N.S. Kumar
Director, Technical
Jawahar Ramanathan, CFO, APD
Jawahar Ramanathan
Chief Financial Officer
K.N. Subhashini, Director, HR, MIS, IT and Donor Assurance, APD
K.N. Subhashini
Director, HR, MIS, IT and Donor Assurance
Shiva C. Hiremath, Deputy Director, Administration/Government Interface, APD
Shiva C. Hiremath
Deputy Director, Administration/Government Interface
K. Usha Rani, Deputy Director, New Initiatives, APD
K. Usha Rani
Deputy Director, New Initiatives
Ganesh Hegde, Deputy Director, Livelihood/Horticulture - Training, APD
Ganesh Hegde
Deputy Director, Livelihood/Horticulture - Training
C. Reuban Daniel, Assistant Director, SCI, APD
C. Reuban Daniel
Assistant Director, SCI
Ramesh D. Gongadi, Assistant Director, Strategic Partnerships
Ramesh D. Gongadi
Assistant Director, Strategic Partnerships
Babu. S, Assistant Director, Policy & Advocacy, APD
Babu. S
Assistant Director, Policy & Advocacy
Guru Prasad S, Assistant Director, Education, APD
Guru Prasad S
Assistant Director, Education
A.L. Janardhana, Assistant Director – EI, CMH, APD
A.L. Janardhana
Assistant Director – EI, CMH
Jayanth Kumar B, Dy. Director - Administration, APD
Jayanth Kumar B
Deputy Director, Administration