APD Champs

APD Champions – Our Very Own Heroes Who Defy Disability

As an NGO working with people with disability (PwD) for almost six decades, we don't believe in words such as disabled and handicapped. We find these words limiting and even offensive because we see persons with disability work, play and live with grit, tenacity and joy every day.

We see heroic stories in our line of work every day. And we also have our very own heroes and heroines - the APD Champs. We're proud to share that 35% of our workforce comprises of PwDs. 

Shubhajit, Graphic Designer, APD

A massive electric shock had Shubhajit on a hospital bed in Bangalore for 11 months. His arms were amputated – one below the elbow and the other above – to save his life. He fought his demons and pushed ahead, became a football champion, a graphic designer, and now – a budding guitarist!

Shubhajit’s Mantra

If someone tells you 'NO' take it as a challenge and replace it with 'YES'.

Radha, Assistant Coordinator, Orthotics, APD

Affected by polio at the age of 3 years, Radha, had difficulty accessing education. She had to drop out of PUC because of her inability to travel. But life changed when APD helped her with a wheelchair. She took up livelihood training, got a good job, embraced challenges, and travelled.

Radha’s Mantra

Don’t blame others whether you have a disability or not.

Jawahar Ramanathan (Ram), CFO

Ram contracted an infection that led to severe septicemia in his right knee. Amputation was the only recourse suggested by doctors to save his life. A month later, Ram took the reins back in his hands - got a prosthetic limb, found a job, and re-pursued his hobbies.

Ram’s Mantra

Accepting and understanding your weakness is your biggest strength. Enjoy life!

Sudha, Assistant Technician, Orthotics

Sudha was loved and protected by her parents in her childhood. As she grew older, Mr. Basavaraj of APD encouraged her to focus on her abilities. With the help of APD staff and assistive devices, Sudha is now Assistant Technician at the Orthotics workshop, helping build devices to help more people with disabilities.

Sudha’s Mantra

Humility and compassion.

Ningappa, Sr. Therapist, Spinal Cord Injury

Ningappa Dodmani had difficulty travelling in a bus. But when he saw the people with disability at APD, he was struck by their achievements. He questioned himself and understood his own potential. He requests that PwDs not be shown sympathy alone. They need opportunities and accessible workplaces.

Ningappa’s Mantra

Self-belief and opportunity are all that's required.


A large part of APD's work is in the communities, across remote locations of North Karnataka. Our staff in the districts are the people on the ground driving APD programs with passion and energy.

APD Staff, Bijapur Campus

Staff of the APD Campus in Bijapur, Karnataka

APD Staff, Davangere Campus

Staff of the APD Campus in Davangere, Karnataka