Individual Contribution

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APD welcomes you to participate in our programmes and initiatives, leverage your special skills, work with our students and trainees – find your own unique way to become a part of the growing APD family.

Our volunteering options can be categorized as:

Skill Based: Skilled volunteers can help us on a wide variety of projects from creating marketing materials to programme development, from staff and beneficiary training to application development. There is a requirement to match every skill!!

Programme Based: If you are looking to drive and achieve quick and tangible results, you can get involved in short term Community Based Programmes here in Bangalore or in any of our work districts.

Event Based: APD conducts several events during the year with children, trainees, staff, parents and persons in the community. Volunteers can participate, plan and manage events, photograph and document them or mobilize resources.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can help a person with disability:

  • Teach students in our Shradhanjali Integrated School:
    • English, Mathematics or other subjects to primary classes. Not just knowledge of the subject, this calls for patience and affection for the children!
    • Basic Science & Mathematics to children from classes IV through VII.
    • Music, dramatics, dance & painting to all our students
  • Teach trainees in our Vocational Training Centre:
    • English Language Communication & Soft Skills to our trainees in the 17-23 year age band. These trainees are mainly from small town or rural backgrounds and need language skills and personality development training to help them adapt to the general work culture.
    • IT skills ranging from basic office applications to graphic design.
  • Other areas where you can contribute:
    • Counsel students, staff, parents and persons in the community.
    • Co-ordinate and manage community programs along with our staff and ensure deliverables as per plan.
    • Accompany our children/trainees on exposure visits and field trips in and around Bangalore
    • Create visibility and participate in fundraising activities. Support us as we work on marketing plans, communication packages and events. Set yourself monthly targets for fundraising and mobilize resources through your network.
    • Documentation projects that showcase your diligence and creativity– work on process manuals, project reports, success stories, proposals, newsletters etc.
    • Mentor our staff