Nature of disability:
Dwarfism (short statured)
Educational qualification:
Class 2

Background: Rakesh lives with his family in Bangalore. During one of APD’s assessments, it was found that he had dropped out of school abruptly. On further enquiry, our team discovered that Rakesh was teased in school because of his disability and that the teachers and school administration were not aware of his condition.

APD intervention: Rakesh was motivated with ego strengthening sessions in our program. Also, his school was changed so he could continue his education. APD’s staff spread awareness in the educational institution about his disability and his eagerness towards learning which helped Rakesh better adjust to the new school. APD also works with the peers of such children wherein they’re sensitized about the disability. They are taught to not make fun and tease these children about their condition. Children with disabilities are extremely sensitive and it is imperative that the people in their surroundings keep an inclusive attitude.